Capoeira Music

Instructor: Melão

Learn how to sing the songs and play the instruments of Capoeira. In this class you will learn the different rhythms and variations of capoeira music and and learn how to accompany the music with singing. You will also learn the meanings of the songs and when and where they fit into the roda.  Instruments that are covered are Berimbau, Atabaque, and Pandeiro.  The types of songs learned are Ladainha, Quadra, Corrido.
Fridays as part of Floreios class 7-7:30pm FREE

Brazilian Music

Instructor: Papiba Godinho


Brazilian Bateria:  Basic rhythms will be covered as well as variations.  These classes are open to all levels.  Beginners welcome!

TBA $10 drop-in
$5 for capoeiristas on the monthly plan

KIDS Samba!

Instructor: Melanie Godinho

This class is performance based!  We will be learning both basic and more complicated steps and then working on choreography for upcoming performances.

The series will run until through a performance and then a new cycle will begin.

Fall cycle will open on Friday Sept 15th and Run through January. End date TBD.

This class is for kids ages 8-15.