Intermediate/advanced capoeira classes are lead by Mestre Papiba and upper level students. In these classes, students are exposed to all aspects of capoeira which include martial arts, dance, music and acrobatics. Capoeira is a great workout and a FUN way to get in shape.  We offer classes almost every day of the week.

  • Monday: 6-7:30pm Basics
  • Tuesday: 6-7:30pm
  • Wednesday: 6-7:30pm
  • Thursday: 6-7:30pm
  • Friday: 6-7:30pm Floreios!
  • Saturday: 10:30am-noon

If you are a beginner…

Our classes are always open to beginners, new students and visitors.  But if you have never done capoeira before, we recommend that you start by attending a Beginners Series. Students without prior training are required to attend the Beginners Series.  Once you have completed this series, you are invited to attend the all levels classes. The Beginners Series may be taken up to 3 times.


If you are a new student you can train with gym pants and a t-shirt for the first month. After this time, if you decide you like capoeira and you want to join our group, we ask that you to buy the uniform (t-shirt, pants and belt = $ 80.00). Visitors may wear their own group uniform.